PRANIC ENERGIZATION TECHNIQUE (PET) is an advanced yoga technique in which we use our Prana Shakti (life force) to energize each & every organ systems of the body. Particularly to strengthen our immune defense to manage and heal modern dreaded killers like cancer, chronic fatigue syndrome etc.

These techniques cleanses the respiratory tract, normalizing the functions of respiratory systems purifying the subtle channels of PRANA, bringing the balance in PRANAMAYA KOSHA and gaining deeper and subtler insights for the control of Prana. Thus all ORGANS and SYSTEMS gets revitalized and energized and brings harmony in the body and mind. All ailments can be eliminated from body and the root cause from mind is also eliminated.

This is a technique of Yoga in which we use our Prana Shakthi to energies our entire body. Each and every organ and systems of body can be revitalized by this process.