Padma Parvatasana

Benefits of this Yoga Pose:

  • Improves the sense of balance and ability to concentrate.
  • Stimulates respiratory function and calms the entire nervous system.
  • Strengthens the buttock, back, shoulder and arm muscles and helps with hip displacement.

 Step 1


 Step 2

● Shoulder Injury
● Insomnia
● Headache
● Low Blood Pressure

Every time you practice the Mountain Pose, focus on the pose, alignment, and benefits you stand to gain from performing the pose mindfully.


● Stand tall on a yoga mat personifying a mystical mountain.
● Equally, distribute the weight in both the feet and toes in alignment with each other.
● Lengthen the spine, soften the stomach, widen the collarbones, and lift the heart towards the sky.
● Raise the arms up alongside the ears parallel to the floor, palms facing in the front direction.