virabhadrasana 3 or Warrior III Pose

Benefits of this Yoga Pose:

  • Strengthens the ankles and legs.
  • Strengthens the shoulders and muscles of the back.
  • Tones the abdomen.
  • Improves balance and posture.

 Step 1


 Step 2

  • Avoid practicing Virabhadrasana if you suffer from any of this condition: heart problems, severe neck or shoulder pain, knee pain, high blood pressure or recent chronic illness.
  • If you suffer from spinal ailments avoid practicing warrior pose.
  • Keep the head in neutral position if you are experiencing neck pain or had a neck injury recently.
  • Since Virabhadrasana is an arduous pose, avoid holding it for too long as that can easily lead to strain or injury.


  1. Take a deep inhalation and step your legs 4 to 5 feet apart.
  2. With an exhalation turn the right foot 90 degree to the right and the left foot 45-60 degree to the right.
  3. Bend the right knee till your thigh becomes parallel to the floor and perpendicular to your shin. The knee must be aligned right over your heel, ensure it doesn’t extend beyond the heel.
  4. Exhale and bend your trunk forward till your chest rests on your thigh. Bring your arms close to join both of your palms. Keep the arms straight. Hold this position for 2 breaths.
  5. Slowly shift the weight of your body on your right leg as you lift the left leg off the floor. Simultaneously raise your left leg (keeping it straight) and straighten your right leg. The knee of the left leg must face downward. Look either straight or down.
  6. The whole body except the right leg becomes parallel to the floor in the final position of Warrior 3. Once you find balance, stretch your hands forward and your leg backward. Retain the pose from 5 to 30 seconds taking deep breaths.
  7. To come out of the pose, exhale and lower the left leg back onto the floor along with bending the right leg. Practice again from the other side.